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Thread: Lightroom 3 beta vs DPP

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    Default Lightroom 3 beta vs DPP

    Hi guys,

    I need help here. I took some photos from a wedding dinner in malaysia... upload into DPP everything looks ok but didnt have much room to play with due to software limitation. Upload into LR3 i got a shock, the ambience colour is screw up. Shot are taken under heavy tungsten lighting. So when i change the WB to tungsten it should look better but it still look damn yellow... Way over the limit. Is this Lightroom 3 issue or user issue? BTW im using canon 7D dunno is it the software not supporting the cam type which end up like this. Hope someone can give me some guidence.

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    Adobe just released new updates to their software to support the 7D. Read here.

    So it is likely your copy of Lightroom 3 public beta doesn't have the support yet. Need to update your software.


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