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Thread: Wanted: Studio photography for Dinner and Dance Pageant

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    Default Wanted: Studio photography for Dinner and Dance Pageant


    I am helping a friend look for a photography for a Studio session for the pageant. The tentative dates are 28th Feb or 6th Mar.

    Please let me know what your rates are, your experience and also links to your portfolio.

    I might tagged along to assist as well as to learn from you pros.

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    They have people to do the face and hair so all that is needed is a studio and a good photography.

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    The site is still under construction. you can rent the studio @ $40/hr and I'll guide u along the shoot.


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    Thanks for the numerous reply. I have forward all the contacts to my fren and she has already informed me that she made her choice.

    Thank you to the rest for your time.


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