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Thread: ISO, F, SS setting

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    Default ISO, F, SS setting

    hello, am taking photo today on chinatown on a cartoon character in a mall (dunno where yet) am kinda newbie and still "trying" to learn photography.

    I got d90,
    my question is wat setting should i use when am inside the Mall. P is easier but i want to learn.


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    Default Re: ISO, F, SS setting

    In some malls, it's considered low light..

    It's better to use manual mode (M mode).
    Set your f-stop to the lowest possible and shutter speed to an appropriate exposure and ISO of 400 for better sensitivity of light.

    In most cases, it should be shutter speed of 1/40 to 1/80 (or may need faster/slower speed), depending on subject.

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    Default Re: ISO, F, SS setting

    if taking portrait shots inside the mall, you might need flash for better effect

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    Default Re: ISO, F, SS setting

    Learn how to use your camera meter. It's in the manual too.

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    Take a sample photo before the event, with whatever setting you are comfortable with

    Then work from there, if too dark, change the setting accordingly, etc. The histogram will help.

    There is no one correct ISO f/no or SS setting; all interplay to give that one exposure
    Idea got, execution not!

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    I got my D90 2 days ago and i am into test and trial manual mode. ^^ all my frzs are DSLR user and all in manual they can teach me.

    Try looking for some charts or information online. Photography is like maths. 3 variables to 1 result.

    Get the result(by test shots) then you will have the expected units of light for exposure. Then balance the aperture, shutter speed, iso to get the correct units of light. So that you can compose your pictures better.

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    why not use the A or S functions? ISO can put to auto also. let the camera do the rest

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    You should ask those who are in the area on taking figurine pictures.

    Back to the side topic. Moving from P mode to manual mode learning cycle often result in disaster because they do not have the chance to learn the difference in aperture per image or speed bec they are constantly tweaking both.

    My advise is always P mode to S and A mode. Doesn't mean that we take pictures with our eyes closed with PAS mode, read the camera's setting. By knowing the camera's decision progressive, user will be able to anticipate the adjustment.


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