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Thread: How to know ISO performance in high ISO ?

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    Default How to know ISO performance in high ISO ?

    reopen this thread coz jus now made so many confused to people haha

    low noise in high ISO

    someone said D700 and D3

    what i want to ask is
    how to check
    can be seen only in pictures?

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    Default Re: How to know ISO performance in high ISO ?

    Yes, of course it would only show up in pictures. Where else would it show?

    If you want to see samples, read the reviews.

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    Default Re: How to know ISO performance in high ISO ?

    first, open up the image with PS or other software........ then look for slider or control that shows image at 100% .... from there you can begin pixel peeping and checking out visually noise levels

    go to and check out some of their camera reviews...... inside these reviews go to sections that relate to image quality where they show 100% crops of set ups in various controlled conditions .......and of course various ISOs

    example below link...... pages 14 thru 18 should give you an idea

    some of these 'inspections' u can do it on your own camera too.... best to use a tripod indoors with maybe a timed or remote trigger to keep the variables down

    good luck
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