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Thread: Optio 450/550/555 or Casio QV-R51?

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    Default Optio 450/550/555 or Casio QV-R51?

    Trying to decide between the 2 series of compact cameras. Looked through several reviews and came out with the following comparisons.

    Optio 450/550/555
    5X Optical Zoom
    10min limit for movies in 450/550 and unlimited for 555
    Movies come with sound
    Aperture/Shutter Priority
    2cm Macro Range
    Video Out

    Uses Proprietary Rechargable Battery
    Price is rather steep

    Casio QV-R51
    Quick Response
    Uses AA Batteries
    2" LCD screen
    Can take photos in 3:2 ratio
    Very erasonably priced

    No Video Out
    No aperture/shutter priority
    No sound for movies
    60s limit for movies

    Personally, I would certainly like to have the 5X Optical Zoom of the Optio series, but it'll come at price. Features such as the unlimited movie mode and the audio enabled movies are very tempting as well. Bascially don't see much down sides for the Optio series. However, the Casio QV-R51 is so much more attractive in terms of price, going around around $560 or so, as compared to the $900+ of the Optio 555. Perhaps users of these cameras can offer a better insight into these cameras to help me make up my mind.

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    think i'm more inclined to getting the optio 450/550/555.. think the additional features are well worth the xtra $$.. but hoping to get a 2nd hand set that's still in good condition.. so if anyone wishes to let go of his set, do visit my other thread in Buy/Sell..



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