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Thread: Bike Pic ... pls comment thanks

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    Default Bike Pic ... pls comment thanks

    got a pic of me buddy's bike last weekend
    taken at night he wants the "underground" look
    dont know if i did a good job thou i like the pic i think they are many ways to improve in the eyes of u guys
    heheh yes the stand i PS'ed out but the trash can is still there but thats the only thingie i did on PS the removal of stand and the framing

    comment pls .. and ideas to improve ..
    domo arigato

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    my personal preference for this kind of shots, have a clean background and do not show number plate.

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    Move the bike somewhere else (ie. without the distracting background) - eg. brick wall perhaps?

    IMHO it looks funny with the missing stand - ie. why isn't it falling over?

    There's quite a lot of shadows on the bike, as you've only got the one main light source from above. Cannot balance this light with flash?

    Try turning the bike lights on as well?

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    where you shot this shot at ? teban gardens ?

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    alternative perspective

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    well hehe number plate open already i never buy .. but where i am staying it is hard to have a clean background thats why i try to give the "park on the streets" feel to it

    it was 2 am i think plus using an A80 no the external flash stuff with me hehe in fact no tripod with me i rested the cam on a stone table to take this 13 sec shot to compensate for the lack of light source.
    could u like point me to some links where i can learn/read bout balancing light with flash cos i really dont understand this sorry for being dumb .. but i am willing to learn
    yup my buddy does note to me bout the "super balancing" act state his bike is in and it kinda kill the realism..

    Where? near my flat in boon lay ... u from the west too? maybe kopi with the famous boon lay nasi lemak one day to talk bout photography so i can learn from u hehe... my treat

    u are kind heheheh

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    by the way superray .. i love ur shot of the sunset at westcoast ... it is super specially the last 2 pic ... may i know where u took them ?

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    hehe, here's my bike pic

    nothing fantastic, still a clustered background as the crowd just refused to clear. Moreover the distracting red carpet didn't help. But then who cares, its an SP-2! hehehehe.......

    My viewz on your fazer. I would leave the side stand on. It would be fantastic if you can get a paddock stand. If the background's clustered, reduce the depth of field, else the attention will be drawn away from your subject.

    Lighting's kinda odd, as the streetlamp's reflection on the tank is distracting. I feel that if you angled the shot a little higher and moved back to capture more shadow, it might look better.

    IMHO, wait for sunrise and take the shot again


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