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Thread: Tripod advice please!

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    Hi all,

    am currently deciding between getting a 190xprob/ 055xprob or a Gitzo GT2330. Any comments or recommendations? Am sourcing the Gitzo from a friend who's selling it to me ard $280, so the prices for each are pretty much the same. BTW I'm currently using a 322RC2 head with K7/ 50-135mm/EF530DG super as heaviest combo. Thanks for your help!

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    I have a 190XPROB with a 322RC2 head and I carry it in my MBAG70 (really tight fit). And... I don't like it!

    Why? Perhaps for myself, weight is a real issue. I like my tripod to be easy to carry around. If weight isn't an issue for you, then get the 055 which I feel is the best range.

    Also, the 322RC2 head gave me trouble with my heavier lenses and using a batt grip. It did not lock properly. Still, I like the construction of the head over a ball head.

    In the end, I just bought a 7301YB and I love it so far.


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