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Thread: Ennyah DS3110 - need comment on this machine please...

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    Default Ennyah DS3110 - need comment on this machine please...

    I'm a totally newbie on photography.
    I'm looking for a digicam with good quality and not so expensive as well, any recommendation, guys?

    I found this machine, and it's cheap, just around S$209. Any comment guys?

    THank's a lot for your help.

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    Since I'm selling this camera in my shop, I might as well give you a honest opinion about it.

    The 6.6MP is actually interpolated from 3.2MP. The output looks ok, although it tends to have a bit of underexposure.

    The plastic body is pretty good too. My customer dropped it on the floor accidentally, and nothing broke. Thankfully, she didn't drop it again and again.

    The controls are not very user-friendly, I recommend a good read of the manual before using the camera.

    Focusing distance is about 1.5m, nothing closer, trust me.

    This camera is really a throwback to those days when cheap point and shoot cameras start to make their appearance in the market.

    If you do purchase the camera, look at it as a cheaper way to get involved in digital photography. Once you are happy with the digital revolution, you can then decide on a more expensive model from the likes of Nikon or Canon.


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    Geez... thanks a lot vincent for your comment on these gadgets.

    How about SONY DSC-P72?
    Any comments on this gadgets?

    Thank's in advance first.


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