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Thread: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    1 more thing, if i decide to get the nikon d90 kit with the 18-105 lens, someone suggested to trade the 18-105 for the 18-200, but have to pay around 500$ more. is it worth it? i mean, does the 18-200 have a significant advantage than the 18-105 one?

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    just use the 18-105mm, its still a pretty vestile lens, with wide angle and some tele reach but of cos its not as far reaching as the 18-200. the good thing abt 18-200 is just that its a lens with a large range so u dont need to change lens often, other than that is not really worth it unless u travel alot and only want to carry minimium gear with you.

    the 18-200 is a good to have for a start. after starting shooting, u may find u need more than 200, or u want wider lens. use what ever kit lens that come with your cam and from there understand what u want then go buy.

    nikon 18-200 is good but not a must, its expensive also.
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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    TS, i wud suggest u to use the 18-105 lens for a couple of months 1st. and then see how often do u actually shoot beyond 100mm. If u feel that u really need that reach, u might wan to consider 70-300mm non VR version. Dun think is that expensive on B&S section. Jus my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    Quote Originally Posted by bonkeng View Post
    Hello guys!
    Iím planning to buy my first dslr camera.
    A friend (Canon user) suggest the Canon 500D kit II (18-200 lens) @ 1.8k.
    While my cousin (Nikon user) suggest the Nikon D90 kit (18-105 lens) @ 1.7k.

    Both are around the same price range.

    Which would be better?

    u can get Canon 500D kit II (18-200 lens) @$1588 from canon. check out this:

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    So that means the Canon 500D + 18-200 lens is slightly cheaper than the Nikon D90 + 18-105.

    hahahah we're all biased here. As a Nikon user, of course I would say go for the Nikon...
    Things I prefer on the D90 vs the 500D:
    1) ergonomics
    - grip and weight of the camera
    - 2 rotating dials and top LCD to see all the settings at 1 go
    - when I hold the camera with the viewfinder up to my left eye, I can easily change shutter speed, aperture, WB, ISO without having to take my eye off the camera. Left hand press the button(s), right hand twist the dial(s).
    2) wireless flash commander capability using the pop-up flash, something that only the Canon 7D has at the moment

    These are my personal preferences of course. Someone who likes Canon might prefer its ergonomics. So you have to make the decision yourself.

    To confuse you further, I suggest you take a look at the other brands too. Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, etc also have quite attractive products!
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)


    Well just my 2 cents. Some lessons that i learnt after months when i got my Nikon... And my brother scolded me as he could share his Canon lens with me...haha!! This will be proberly come in useful in future...If you got many friends using certain brands and that they don't mind sharing with you the lens or accessories....As many of us have lens which are under ultilised. Cutting cost and the buy and buy

    MOst writers are right...Don't rush the buy...try out the 2 models...decide you type of usage...$$$....upgrades??...Its still your call. the record...if given 2 choices , would prefer the D90 , as i do manual setting most of the time...the secondary aperture dial save me time...and using the secondary LCD to check preset save energy in long run when i don't use the 3 inch color i do adventure travel with limited or no power point...
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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    Quote Originally Posted by kodkod32 View Post

    .. And my brother scolded me as he could share his Canon lens with me...haha!! ...
    Tell your brother he should have bought Nikon in the first place then you get to share his lenses.

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    If you're comparing only 500D to D90 these are the key points to note

    500D - 15.1 MP
    FPS - 3.4 FPS
    AF Focus Points - 9
    Metering - TTL 35-zone SPC

    D90 - 12.3 MP
    FPS - 4.5 FPS
    AF Focus Point - 11 (with 3D Tracking)
    Metering - 3D Matrix metering (420 Px RGB Sensor)

    It goes on like this..To me, D90 gives you the best bang for the buck unless otherwise you find a 500D at a significantly cheaper price (Not to mention the CLS option available).

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    One other thing to note though.

    If you plan to do event photography with your camera, D90 does offer faster operation with more shortcuts and the top LCD. For Canon, the ease of operation comes in 50D and above.

    So it really comes down to how you want to use the camera.

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    Default Re: HELP! Canon 500D (18-200) or Nikon D90 (18-105)

    I am using the D90 18-105 kit lens and i always buddy with my frz using canon, sigma 18-200mm lens.

    You need to compose your pics alot of moving and get near to take shots. Not like my frz, = = just whack can le but moving more means you get more angles to shot and more ideas!

    But the 200mm is definitely and advantage ^^. You cant afford nikon original, then buy kit lens and 3rd part 18-200mm. Cheaper!

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