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Thread: When you are drunk.....

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    Default When you are drunk.....

    This is again taken in my father's lorry only this time, i delibrately move my cam when i took these pictures of the street lights.... Very abtracty... I guess this is what you'll see when u are drunk. * i've never been drunk before so iwouldn't know. You tell me :P *

    moving horizontally

    moving up and down

    moving in circular

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    this i did not move delibrately... it's blured sideway coz my father's lorry is moving fast....

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    your 2nd post pic is cool. it must been a really great sunset that day. if only you had one which was 'normal' as well...

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    yeah if only... but i was in a car....

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    Hehehe....interesting pics!! The moving up and down looks best to me.

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    1st, 2nd , 3rd

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