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    Default yards of the hero

    notice theres a little noise , i forget to switch my iso back
    C&C pls ...
    shoot me pls

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    I like picture 1, though perhaps contrast could be upped a bit more to emphasize the boat. Picture two is alright, not spectacular because the conposition is a bit messy, and the background is cluttered. The idea of the withered flower is good though. Perhaps you could have taken from a lower angle to cut out the other tombstones. Picture 3 is very familiar... i have one almost exactly alike that I took on my phonecam years and years ago when i visited kranji with my school. the sky looked the same too. Could have worked better if you lowered the angle and positioned the receding/leading lines of the tombstones to a rule of 3rd intersection.

    hope this helps

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    I like the 3rd one. I feel, if u do some cropping @ right it will be more appealing.


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