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Thread: appropriate behaviour for photographer

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    Default appropriate behaviour for photographer

    some time ago, there was an event in our cc and i was surprised how the official photographer positioned himself.

    he was standing on a chair facing the center stage, completely blocking the everyone's view. i was not taking pictures at the event, but was pretty peeved as i was watching his back instead of the performance on stage.

    i see some photographers also go to center aisle, but did not follow him standing on a chair. while others opt to shoot from the sides.

    what's the deal with this? is this appropriate behavior just because one is the "official" photographer?

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    Default Re: appropriate behaviour for photographer

    If you are sure he's the official, complain to the official organiser.
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    Default Re: appropriate behaviour for photographer

    already sometime ago, if you wish to complaint, do it during or right after the event.

    btw, for events held at CC, the official photographer usually seldom take any photos without "GOH" or MP inside the photos. if the photographers is taking the shows thru out, more likely is the CC "zi ji ren"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiao_shin View Post
    If you are sure he's the official, complain to the official organiser.
    Ya. I've seen it before, worse, he's somehow blocking GOH's view.
    Someone went to alert the organiser..

    Within a few mins, he changed his position..

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    Default Re: appropriate behaviour for photographer

    Stupid 'official' photographer if he stood there awhile should be ok but kept blocking ppl I think his backside should be quite an irritating view...reminds me of the ladder man in one of the SIN in 2008.lolx... I think I saw a few when HEBE from S.H.E was here too. That one is ladder gang...lolx...

    OT abit. I once went to a wedding dinner & even a pro photographer was not having appropriate behaviour when he asked the guests to line up for group shots...

    His comments was "嘿!那位矮的,你可以靠近一点吗?” , "嘿!那位长(as in tall)的,你可以移一下吗?” & "嘿!那位肥的请移一下好吗?" although he may meant it as a joke but not all guests will take it as a joke. If he is in tis forum, I hope he can change that. I find that his behaivour is not "Pro" at all.

    Well ended up his shots were not much better than mine except the facts that he has a better angle. And my EX 580 flash died on me, gotto use in-built flash thru out.
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    Default Re: appropriate behaviour for photographer

    you can tell him "嘿! 那位苯的,可以静一下吗?"
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    Default Re: appropriate behaviour for photographer

    Not meant to kill all birds with this stone, but for a few times already, I've noticed M'sian photographers lacking a bit of EQ in wedding shoots. They are either cracking senseless jokes during the wedding or passing insensible remarks like those stated by Crabby.

    I think the CC photographer stated by Orson might not even be a Pro photographer. CC often asks some uncles(their own staff) or student photographer to take photos for such events, not knowing if these "photographers" have even the very basic photography etiquettes.

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    honestly i find it hard to believe an official photographer would place a chair in front of the stage. in any case if the organiser doesn't tell him off, i dont think anyone is in the position to do so.

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    I'm sorry, I don't quite understand how one person's body can physically and "completely block every ones' view", unless the photographer had a body that was say 20, 30 or 40 feet wide?

    Nonetheless, let's just say that unless one is actually in the shoes of the official photographer, one will never know what pressures he was under, what his instructions were or whether he was acting on his own cognizance.


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