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    hi!i just got a a330 from courts.i am new to dslr,so do guide me along please.I will like to take photos of animals and birds and also mainly to take photos while i am travelling.What are the lens that i can go for my type of shooting??thanks

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    Bro, here's some advice:

    1. Use the SEARCH. Almost all your questions have been asked countless times before.
    2. Best to ask in the sony section.

    1. Animals and birds is a bit vague... How far away? If you want to be a birder, I'd recommend a Sigma 150-500. If it's more like zoo shots, a 75-300 or a 70-300 is great.
    2. Travel... Travel where? For almost all basic travel shots, your kit lens is good enough.

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    To TS, as Rashkae mentioned, your context is quite vague. In a completely wild environment, you will need a serious long lens that covers 300mm minimum (very often a teleconverter is needed) and easily 500mm to be adequate.


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