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Thread: Hello ! + a quick question

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    Default Hello ! + a quick question

    Hi all,

    Just got added to the forum. Wanted to say hi to all.

    Quick newbie question too:

    I have read about shutter mechanisms failing after many actuations..say 100k.. etc.
    but what about the CCD /CMOS sensors ? Do they ever degrade with age ?

    What i'm also getting at - is it safe to buy a second hand camera (eg. Nikon D70) with a very low shutter count (eg. 780) but is about 5+ years old ?

    Anyone ? Thanks !

    Have a nice day.

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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question


    A camera is still electronics, if it will fail, it will. Doesn't mean a new cam will not fail. The 100k shutter count is just a rough guide. The mechanism can fail at 500 shutter count or last as long as 500k. Nobody knows and can tell for sure when it's going to fail.

    Don't worry too much about it.
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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question

    Agree. If the user is snapping the camera as if it was a video camera, then the shutter will expire prematurely.

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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question

    Get a new cam if you can most stuff, electronics deteriorate with age...5 years is a long time for electronic products.

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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question

    5 years quite risky bro and you mentioned it has low shutter count so that means that the camera had been sitting there for like 4 1/2yrs??? U better pray that it is stored in a damn good dry cabinet else U wun find fungus inside, you will find mushrooms!

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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question

    Hello, GunShot. A warm welcome to you.
    A 5-year old (OLD) camera is in many ways considered quite old. Imagine, half a decade old.
    Even if I am not worried about shutter mechanism nor sensor malfunction, I would certainly find it a little awkward in this age of fast-moving technologies.
    Consider something a little newer, perhaps?
    Or even a brand new one for a little more $?
    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Hello ! + a quick question

    I'd better start looking for something more current.

    I guess all the D70 owners have probably upgraded by now too.

    Thanks all for the replies !


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