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    I am thinking of buying Sigma 18mm-250mm(latest with OS and HSM) and should I sell off my sigma 24mm-70mm f2.8... since i have a 10-20mm wide angle and 50mm f1.4mm....
    500D/50mm f1.4/90mm macro/17-55mm/EX580 II
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    depends on what you shoot.

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    I suggest actually knowing what advantages one lens will have over the other. The 18-250 is convenient, but has poorer sharpness between 24-70 than the dedicated lens, and has a smaller aperture.

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    Dont buy yet, rent. Dont sell first, pass on to those who may need it, then can ask back later hehe...
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    Better to compare the pic IQ first before planning ur next move
    Lens w/ high zoom factor seldom had outstanding IQ

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    my advice to you -
    1) dont just go for convenience and get one lens that covers the entire range 18-200. it can never be as sharp as having a prime lens at 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm.
    2) 18-200 covers a wide range but ask yourself how often is your most commonly shot range? it is probably just an assurance that you have the range covered but having a wide range doesn't mean you will use the entire range. i use 24-70 for almost everything. if i need to zoom, i can crop from my 24-70 with no loss of resolution.


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