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Thread: Where to go to contemplate life?

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    I was in this stage. and the questions in my mind were:

    how long can i stay unemployed? (determines the period of the trip)

    how much is my budget for travelling.? (determines where you head to)

    Maybe the approach will be to stay in Singapore, as this is where your life is based, walk around places you seldom go to (can be industrial estates, wet markets, Little India etc and see the life you dont see in your normal life) and once you have an idea, head to your destination. That way you know what you are looking for.

    The other approach is to go overseas, and then being in a foreign place, allow the ideas to flow. Then come back to Singapore and see which of your ideas are applicable in the local context.

    It was in the Great Barrier Reef that I saw nature's beauty.

    In Maldives that I felt so vulnerable as a human (the vast sea could swallow me anytime)

    In Morocco that I felt time has stood still and life was simple and affordable.

    In Yunnan that I find life is actually so straightforward, not much of office politics etc, you just mean what you say and do what you said you will.

    In Thailand that I found out I dont wanna be an employee for the rest of my life. They population is huge and labour was in abundance.

    In Indonesia that I appreciate the readily available services we have in Singapore without having to travel so far.

    You may go to these places but have different experiences from me or others who have traversed there.

    We have to thank all these people here who suggested destinations which made a difference to their life. They gave you the suggestions hoping that it will do something good for you. But really, the answer still lies within yourself.

    Contemplate life, maybe put down on paper what are the problems, causes etc. And what kind of life are you looking forward to. You have to make your own decision. The hardest part is that you have to neglect other people's opinion on the decisions you make in your life (e.g. your parents may frown if you wanna be a social worker, ex-colleagues will laugh at you if you wanna be a kindergarten teacher if you were a lawyer).

    Like very soon, i might make a career change (Which will change my lifestyle for the better) but I know that is what I want in life. But have to "bo-chup" what other people think of my change. Because i learnt that when i make my own decisions, i am in charge. enjoy my own happiness and be responsible for my own sadness.
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    Hi TS, since you have the luxury of time why not consider like a few countries bundle trip. My perception of reflecting life is that people need to understand pain/sadness to grow up. I would advice you to travel to 3rd World Country or the poorer Asians country like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos etc.

    When you see how they can enjoy life in a harsh environment, you will find what you want in your heart. Not to say those places should have nice sceneries for your heart and eyes.

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    a trip to alaska without any winter clothes will definitely put anyone life in perspective....and u can shoot beatiful picture while at it.....
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    maybe you should just try doing something new. like getting a new and different job or enroling in a course. meet new people and talk to more people.

    taking a trip to contemplate life sounds like youre trying to run away from everything in the midst of a personal crisis. What happens when you get back from your trip? Would you be a changed person or would you revert back to your original self when youre back in your old environment? i think it would be more effective by solving things with the people you trust and care about around you When all that is settled you can take a trip to 'rejuvenate', reward yourself, get a better perspective of things, etc...

    i think you should seek counseling instead

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    How about some community work? Local or overseas.

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    If you want to see life in a new light, please leave your camera at home.

    You don't have to go far, Indonesia, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forward View Post
    Man must lose himself to find himself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rendell View Post
    About future:
    "You can get all the wealth/power/etc, but during the last days in your life, all you have is a spoon of porridge."
    Well said.

    There may never be a definite answer as to where or how to contemplate life, cos wherever you go; there you are. It is more of trying to find back the goals and dreams we once had but were waylaid by the rat-race.

    I believe TS (or most of us) is looking for a break - to recharge, to discover new experiences, and to renew our purpose in living (or why are we working in the first place), rather than a complete transformation. Life still needs to be sustained, and unless we sold our Ferraris (or Nikons or Canons - and for this thread, Sonys and Pentaxes), we can't truly exiled ourselves from the world.

    To TS, have fun seeing the world, wherever it may be, in a new light. Cheers.
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