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Thread: Upgrade which?

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    NR = noise reduction.

    Simply put it means getting rid of the ugly noise/grain at higher ISOs. Most new cameras today have NR automatically applied for you when shooting at higher ISOs, so that the image looks cleaner, but of course detail is being sacrificed.

    for 1000D i think NR is an option under custom functions..
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    Never tried a 1000 before. But I think today camera are definately more than enough for many people. Nikon D5000 D90 and D300 is produce similar result and some even conclude that D90 is better for lowlight. So how well do you know your 1000? I recommend saving the money since soon there will be a 8D 9D coming out and you realise it has limitation.

    For wiser purchase, buy lens. L lens for canon. Lense and tripod are worth keeping, just like rolex. Lense produce sharp and good color rendition image not camera.

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