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Thread: Street photography.

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    Default Street photography.

    Just wondering.

    For folks who have been doing street photography of random people.

    What sort of zoom lenses do you guys utilise? Something like 17-50mm or slightly longer range like 70-200mm?

    Just want some feedback
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    Default Re: Street photography.

    I believe 18-55mm should do the job?

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    Default Re: Street photography.

    this is the 4th thread regarding street photography within 4 weeks... do a search... someone posted a really useful PDF guide for street photography...

    hope this won't help!

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    Default Re: Street photography.

    17-50 can liao lah.

    imagine go ard with 70-200, everyone will siam you lor, how to take photos like tht?

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    Default Re: Street photography.

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Since we have folks here doing stats on the number of similar threads, I'll close this one.

    Flickr | 40D + CZ T* 28-70/50/80-200


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