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    Hi ppl, my inquiry here will sound lazy to some of you bros but sorry about it because I am in a rush for time. I have the following lens.....

    1) tamron 17-50 f2.8(sony mount)
    2) sal50f18
    3) minolta 70-210 F4 beercan

    i like to ask the sweet spot(apertures) for this lens. I know I can do outdoor shoots w a range of apetures for every lens den zoom in to identify the sweet spot but I am working next 3 days and leaving for overseas holiday next mon so abit late to do my homework. I noe i can use 2 stops down each lens' max aperture as reference but hope bros can give me advice.


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    Just use the 2 stops rule then. I doubt you could tell the difference really.

    Since you're only leaving on monday, you have more than enough time to read reviews on dyxum, photozone, etc etc etc


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