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Thread: “Customer Is Always Right” ?

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    when i'm the customer i'm always right. but not when you are my customer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jopel View Post
    when i'm the customer i'm always right. but not when you are my customer.
    so sums, the ethos of every businessmen in singapore.

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    Customer is always right my ass.

    There are some KN** C*B ***** their mother customers that should rot in hell.

    When you pay doesn't mean you're right.

    You pay taxes, tell the government you're always right.

    you pay for your gf's meal, tell your gf you are always right.

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    the customer is always right - no ,

    Customer is number one - yes ,

    becoz they use or pay for your service so you should always treat them as number one in your

    list , but they do or say something wrong you should always tell them off right in their face

    ( in a nicer way of course ) , for without them you got no income .

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    The customer is always right, no matter how !@#@ing wrong they are. Unless, you have a contract that says otherwise
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    I do not agree that the customer is always right.

    I would say, customers are important but they are not always right.

    I've seen many of times that the customer has seriously got their head far up their ass, even a shovel wouldnt dig it out. Some people just love making life hard for others....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorMcLeod View Post
    discrimination comes in many forms, how you appear (wear), race, age etc.
    it is not just SGP but world wide.
    you cannot change the others and definitely no point to get upset with these people.
    just be happy.
    well. so far i think only japan dun really bother abt this. i gotta admit. their service is

    as my dad always says. who the **** cares if u dress like a beggar. pocket got money can liao.

    hmm. for me my opinion is tat no matter where u go ur supposed to be treated with respect. tats all i demand. there isnt a need for the waiters to kneel and beg right? i find it... overboard.

    restaurants which have reputation tends to have better service. they are proud of their company and hopes to continue having those good remarks abt them.

    some hawker centers stalls which are old (like 50 years those kind) and still have roaring business also tend to have good service. if their food sucks u ask them change they will change one.

    its not how much money. its how much pride u take in ur work. japan ppl not say earn a lot selling stuff at 7-11. but u still have the bows and thank you and welcome and stuff. makes me feel more at ease and wanna buy more.


    on the other hand. customer always right? no. if u get those lj **** faced customers u can kick him out of ur shop. and the rest of ur customers will stand behind and be ur lala dui (aka cheering squad)

    we arent blind. if we see a **** faced person bullying someone else i think we all will step in.
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