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Thread: Is it advisable to use monopod on small cams?

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    Default Is it advisable to use monopod on small cams?

    Like I havd C-5050, IXus 400 and CP5000. Would monopod e steady enuff? I normally take night scene landscape, so shutter speed is normally more than 1/5 sec. Find tripod too much of a hassle, and monopod much cheaper too.

    Arhhh,..... any special technique to keep a monopod steady?
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    monopod will still be prone to shake

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    I use a monopod too! As clive said, it's still prone to shake and isn't really a substitute for a tripod, but it's much better than handholding . Anyway, when I use it, I try to form a tripod shape thingy, with my two legs and the monopod, with the camera held fast against my cheek. If you can brace part of the monopod against a low wall or something, lagi better! I think I've gotten good results up till 1 sec before, but normally I try to stick in the >1sec range when using the monopod...

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    how abt use a light tripod ? I recommend the SLIK SPRINT PRO
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