Hi everyone
I believe there are quite a few CrystalVue users (and ex-users) here and I hope you can share your experience with me.

I've only recently found out about the CrystalVue and am interested to use it with my OLY-5060. They now have the adapter for it. I have seen a few image postings which have been useful. I intend to use it for bird photography (being a beginner in this, its a good solution pricewise for me).

Some quick questions, hope anyone who has used the CrystalVue can help answer.

1. How difficult is it to focus? Time taken to focus?

2. With more glass inevitably less light gets in. Can it give good shots for morning/evenings (best time for catching the birds)?

3. I guess tripod is a must. But what is your experience hand-held?

4. There appears to be some softening of the image. Are you satisfied with it (before or after post-processing)?

5. How is the CA?

6. Have you tried using the TCON17 on it too? (That will give an awsome total zoom equivalent)

7. Alternatives that I should consider that may be available in Singapore?

Sorry for asking so many questions but if I get it, I'll have to get it shipped to Singapore and I don't want to get something I'll regret.