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Thread: Cheap Camera Repairs

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    hello i'm a newbie! I was hoping if anyone could help me with this?

    I droppped my Nikon S210 and the lens or shutter was dislodged. I wanted to send it for repair at the NSC but it was too expensive (close to $200). Can't spare much cash now to buy a new camera so the best option is to send it for repairs.

    Anyone knows any cheap camera repairs, specifically lens repairs?

    I'm hoping to repair it for less than $100 (though i know it's impossible to repair lens for less than this price but i'm still crossing my fingers).

    Appreciated with much thanks

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    Default Re: Cheap Camera Repairs

    Hey, you might wanna check with a fellow CS member call fatigue.
    He do lens repair & he's a very nice guy.
    Just drop him a PM..
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    I'll check it out and pm him!



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