Sorry back track, I used Tamaron 90 too, I dun see much a different actually. Do you mind sharing the different?

I agree that AF is slower and it hunt more frequent but dont we use manual for Marco. For portrait we will both use our 70-200 for the job.The Focus cannot be override but it is okay since we use manual.

The only disadvantage as a Marco lens is that it extend so just gonna be careful about the front element and it feel too plastic compared to 105 tank

But for about $600 lesser in the B&S, he only give up VR, focus speed, and a bit of build quality from the Nikon 105mm. For $600 he buy a 85 f1.8 and $480 or a Tokina 12-24 and still have much to spare. But for people with budget and nikon die hard we follow nikon all the way unless they really do some crap products out.

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Thats a overstatement, N105VR is one notch better imo as i used both before

To TS : for tat budget, u can only consider Tammy 90 or an 2nd hand Nikon AFD 105f2.8