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Thread: Macro shot - Hair Loss

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    Default Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Tried a macro shot of a strand of hair with the shampoo as background. IMHO quite ambitious because AF will not work as the hair was too small to be focused on automatically.
    Theme is "Hair Loss"

    f2.8, 1/30, ISO200,MF was chosen after many combinations with handheld.

    Aperature -
    I have to make sure the word shampoo is visible so note was taken on what aperture to use.

    Shutter -
    As item was too low level and min tripod proved to high a view, handheld was the way to go, though I cheated with bottom of camer standing on table, for stability.

    ISO -
    80 and 100 proved to be under exposing shot so 200 was best I could go.

    Pls comment how I can improve such shots
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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Don't see why it could be link to "hair loss".
    Looks more like the "hair stand" stands on its own.

    For improvement try the shot on a cleaner background, like white ?
    Ba wang has to be place upright, it's hard to read/figure out in this case.

    But again i cant imagine how a strand of hair can associate with hair loss, we need a bunch of hair to call it hair loss heehee

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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Your table top is too distracting. Take it on a clean white surface instead. Also, the green colour box does not sit well with the hair strand that you're trying to highlight.

    Concept wise, I agree with club21z also, how does one strand of hair give the viewer an impression of hair loss?
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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Are you loosing hair?
    Take the shot!

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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Quote Originally Posted by madmartian View Post
    Are you loosing hair?
    i think the picture of a bald head will be more suitable for the title..

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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    Have some respect for the TS's thread, No banal comments please. You can always do that in KPT

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    Default Re: Macro shot - Hair Loss

    I am not balding Just that they said it makes the hair looks darker, but that's not anyone's problem anyway.
    I'm fine, I take the comment with humour.

    Noted on the base being too distracting.
    For the green background, if I left the bottle standing upright, I would need to have camera further away, which may cause the already small focused subject to be even smaller.

    Any suggestions how I can make a small subject stand out? In this case its the hair.

    Any suggestion or method to how I can make the tabletop out of focus just like the background?


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