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Thread: At the Multi-S car park

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    Default At the Multi-S car park


    Jam at the car park..

    U are at the X-junction... do you allow the outgoing cars to leave first or you proceed as usual?

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    Default Re: At the Multi-S car park

    what X-junction are you talking about?
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    Default Re: At the Multi-S car park

    I think one has to let others come out of the car park first before more cars can enter right?

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    Default Re: At the Multi-S car park

    That multi-storey car park at Marine Parade, near Parkway Parade? Or Funan Centre?

    Anyway, I usually let the cars going out to go first... cars go out, then you have space to park mah...
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    It makes more sense to let the cars out before going in right..? More space to drive, more lots to park, and... if you were waiting to go out, you would appreciate it if people let you go out first right? Instead of paying more $$ just to sit there and wait..

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    Default Re: At the Multi-S car park

    Out first. Same etiquette applies for MRT or lift entrance, etc. Let them go out first before you go in.

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    Default Re: At the Multi-S car park

    people who uses brain will let car come out first. not sure about others.
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