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Thread: how did you get started in photography?

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    Played with Canon PNS film camera before getting into photography.

    Went to hk and taiwan when i was 16 and 17years old respectively.

    The camera is reallly too zoom, no nothing, only point and shoot and flash. Pics came out........not very nice.

    A friend of mine is in photography and showed nice taiwan tour I wished for nice pics when i went oversea too. But then still feel digital camera is for rich guys.

    17years old - after coming back from taiwan...more more wishing for a better camera. so bought a cheapo CMOS camera from taiwan...costing $200SGD [still a lot for me~~] have fun shotting.......but the night shots sucks!

    18years old - so 2months later, bought a 2nd hand Olympus mju II wide 80, a PNS but can take good pics, and good night shots. Even so excited that i finished a roll of 36 pics at esplanade area........imagine how many merlion shots i got!
    then in nov / dec holiday, took up two jobs...... earning $399 / week, so sold both the CMOS camera and the olympus Mju II away and bought a Canon A40! yes!!
    Went to hk in december, go around taking pics with my hk friend who is using 707. Shooting quite a lot in sg also.

    18years - after using A40 for about half year...wanted more control over aperture...and wanted bigger aperture....upgraded to a 2nd hand G2 [wanted a 717 at that time but no $$]

    19years old - bring to taiwan again, took some shots in mountain.....and enjoyed photography still! Happy at G2 and dun think i will most change camera for warranty..hahaha...
    looking for a external flash.......and i shall visit botanic garden again! haha.

    Loved : landscape [nightshot most!] and macro shots!

    Now: always become cameraman when there is a friend / family gathering!
    [good but missed out some fun~~]
    DSLR newbie: 400D + Tamron 18-200mm + 50mm F1.8 (i simply love it!)
    Canon G2

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    sec school days: once went australia holiday then v happy wif the experience. then came back realised the snapshots could have been better quality but dunno shelved the thought.

    JC: father wanted to throw away an old PnS film camera. i took over it and played wif it. brought it along once a while when i went cycling all over town so as to "document my travels of singapore island". had some vague idea that some "superior" form of photo-equipment existed but didnt really investigated further

    after almost finishing NS: finally realised that the "superior" form of photography ==> SLR and lenses and etc. then read up all i could and taught myself all about SLRs and stuff...then saved up a bit and bought a nikon F60 + nikkor 28-105mm/f3.5-4.5 . i finished learning the "basics" after 6 months, then upgraded to F90X. then F100. skipped the F5. lenses also upgraded to f2.8 and faster. then one fine day realised that there is another thing known as CANON EOS. then read up all on canon then one fine day switched to EOS3, EF28-70L, EF70-200/2.8L.

    now: saving money for digital ^_^

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