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    Anyone have contacts for good and reliable private tour operator in Malaysia?
    Services expected:
    - provide 2 pick up points in Singapore.
    - Suggest POI of place of visit
    - No rush of time

    I have 1 contact which is not bad in service. Just wanted to try others operator and find out if there's a cheaper and better service around.

    I'm sharing the contact I know with you guys:

    Name: Richard Teh
    HP: +60167156432

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    Im Kev, let be your guide for photography sessions in Jay Bee.

    I will bring you to various places in JB which includes:
    - Waterfall => ideal for landscape & potraits.

    - Historical building => ideal for potraits & wedding photography (5 STAR rating) as it has a deep feel of character.

    - Beaches

    - Makan (we need energy to press the shutter button).


    For whole day: $150/Pax
    For half day : $80/Pax

    For whole day: $100/Pax
    For half day : $60/Pax

    For whole day: $90/Pax
    For half day : $50/Pax

    For whole day: $80/Pax
    For half day : $40/Pax

    I can meet you guys in Singapore prior to the trip for additional $20.
    Pls note that meals and transport are not included.

    I will bring you to nice makan places as well too try nice local food in JB. Yum yum.

    For inquiries, contact me @
    or you can PM me.


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