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Thread: portraits shot with no background

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    Default portraits shot with no background

    Hi anyone knws how to take shots only with the subject lited and the whole backgrd black or white ?
    and i do not mean using a pure black/white background nor ps..

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    whole bg white - over exposed ur background - can only occur in high contrast areas (e.g sun at the back)

    whole bg black - under expose ur bg / over expose ur subject. -e.g flash ur subject with a night scene at high shutter speed.

    but i dont like either way if you want a clean black or white background. a wall + photoshop is the way to go
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    You just need a vast lighting difference between your subject and background, expose for your subject and the background either clips into black or blows out into white. Examples would be shooting a subject against the sky and spot metering on the face, or a subject at night under a lamp, again spot metering for your subject.

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    Default Re: portraits shot with no background

    You can also find a background with pale colours (i.e. coloured wall) and shoot.
    Then do PP.

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    Inverse Square LAW! hahhahaha

    in short. it depends on distance from light to subject VS subject to background.

    dark background = short light to subject distance VS Long subject to background distance and vice versa.

    of course this is not the only factor/method. but its the easiest considering not having a black/white/grey paper back/painted wall etc etc.

    Be sure to exclude ambient light in your shots if using this method, otherwise ambient will light the bg. There are also ways to exclude ambient. Method 1: SS to max sync speed, then down aperture & increase flash power till over power ambient. OR (Recommended) method 2: turn off the bloody light


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