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Thread: Time lapse on eos 500D

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    Default Time lapse on eos 500D

    hi guys, i've been doing time lapse recording on my eos 500D... from the EOS Utility which i have to bring my laptop around....

    is there any other way to do this? i search around the net and found out that i can use the timer (canon TC-80N3) .... but...... i know nuts about this... i mean like, how it works?

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    IIRC, I don't think your 500D can take the TC-80N3, it's a different connector.

    How it works exactly like your EOS utility, at the set timing, it will send the signal to trigger the shutter.

    Anyway, wrong forum..
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    Default Re: Time lapse on eos 500D

    you can use a graphic calculator, such as a TI84+ which all JC students have.

    Details at the link below:
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    Default Re: Time lapse on eos 500D

    If you are not technically inclined like me, i got this timer Phottix Nikos Timer Remote C6 from them.

    I'm using it right now and am very happy with it, no more lugging around my notebook all places I want to.

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    A company called seculine make a remote that would be ideal it works with almost all Canon bodies,

    hope that helps.


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