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Thread: good articles on composition

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    i am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but i have look thru all and this seems most suitable.

    i have read some good articles on composition and i would like to share them here.

    u can find them all on but there is alot of them.

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    these are excellent articles.

    most people will only parrot the leading line rule, or the rule of thirds rule.

    there are many other things to photographic composition where these two rules are going to play against your favour if you just blindly follow them - one important aspect covered in the links you have provided is balance. i didn't really look through them, but weight is another factor you want to take into consideration - the emphasis of the RIGHT elements are just as important.

    for landscapes, i found that looking through good landscape photographers' portfolios worked wonders for me. i always push the same set of people, but here they are again:

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    Hi night86mare

    Tks alot for sharing your view. I find it helpful

    tks for sharing the links also

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