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    Hi Everyone,

    Greetings from me!!!i am totally new in photography... I am planning to get the GF 1 soon for my overseas trip .I would like to have some comments from members here.The sale package that the shop offer me was $1550 including the pancake lens,14-45mm adjustable lens,1 8gb memory card and the bag.Please feel free to comment whether it is worth buying and is it too ex.Thanks.


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    Only you can say whether it is worth the money to get the camera for you. We don't know you, we don't know much much you are into photography, we don't know what you expect from the camera. Drop the idea of "value for money" - that only ends up in racing for maximum of features squeezed into the price. Check reviews ( and get neutral feedback, also comparing with other models of other vendors on the same range of models.

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    HI Frd,

    Thanks for replying me.I have read through the reviews though but i would hope that anyone here would advise me whether the price is okie as per the package.Thanks.

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    Read Equipment Discussion/Panasonic & Four Thirds Standard.

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    the price will worth it if you intend to keep on taking pictures with it.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for everyone advise.


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