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    Default How to do this?

    Been trying to try this out. But i'm stuck at how to have both the sunset and tree photos together on ps. Anyone?

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    i think, for me, it is inethical to do such photoshoppery. i'd rather take a real sunset.

    but if you MUST do it, then just open both files, in short, ctrl+a when you are at the sunset.jpg window, this will select whole picture, then ctrl + c (copy)

    then switch to tree window, paste using ctrl + v

    at the LAYERS window in photoshop (if you don't have it, go to windows --> workspace --> default to have the standard layout), set layer type to "color burn" etc
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    I love to shoot real sunset too. I'm new to ps, so im just trying to have some fun in it. Thx dude!


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