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Thread: start up costs for a simple studio..

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    I think this guy in Dpreview says it very well about flash meter.

    So you can make a chioce,
    don't need meter: if you can systematically test and document and calculate your lightings (if you are using the same ones all the time).

    Bottomline, you must know how much lights your lighting is giving.

    so.......flash meter will make your life easier and your photos with lightings more consistent. Especially for a newbie, otherwise at least 80% of newbies will give up half way thru, only 20% will persist on and achieve something (using the 80/20 rules)

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    Sorry about the little flame, life is smacking me in the face now
    I really do appreciate the advice, as I said, I'm just learning, and it's just a hobby. The attic isn't really an attic, it's finished, so it's not too hot, it's actually a bedroom/computer room, and here recently - storage

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    Perhaps lessons on studio photography which are offered by the *pros* is one thing to consider before jumping into buying the equipment.
    It will provide a better understanding of what you may require for your purpose. Quite a few here in CS>
    Though a light meter may not be a must have but to have one and knowing its functions will make the photography more pleasurable and less of a hassle.
    My 2cents worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dampeoples
    No offence taken, I didn't know this forum was only for *pros*, although maybe we can trade some photography basics for spelling basics.
    Don't get disheartened... I've been shooting for years but haven't shot studio before and thus still haven't used a light/flashmeter before... I've also used the test, review and modify method to adjust the lights...

    I've just got backdrops & 2 studio lights in my room to learn more about studio photography but haven't got a flash/light meter yet and wonder if I can do without them...

    So far I've been managing...

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