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    Been inspired by the Stan Chart marathon today and a couple of other things. So here's the question: does anyone know when the next marathons in Singapore/the region are going to be? I googled and all I could find was about mega race! Help!

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    29 May 2010 - Sundown marathon
    28 Feb 2010 - Hong Kong marathon

    Check out sgrunners for other races.

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    Alternatively check the Calendar in marathon guide
    Running for conservation and ACRES. Donate at

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    This run induced quite a number of road accidents today. The crowd was massive indeed. And while running pass the IR, you get to see some Foreign Talents with their handphones picking the nicest girls to snap. Most of them had their helmets on and I assumed they stopped their work to view the girls. Really sickening feeling!!!

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    hmm.. a few of the RDP team were there today, which part runs pass the IR?

    The weather was fantastic until ~11pm. Most of us hit the wall around 35km, then trodding along for the rest of it. Quite a few nice lady runners, but didn't see any foreign workers.


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