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Thread: What if You Caught Yr Kids Watching Porn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    There is no place for 'punishment' today. What is needed is some counselling.
    the thing is we need both punishment and counselling in order to guide the "offence-commiter" towards the "desired" outcome. heh..such a topic kinda leads me back to those academic topics on human psychology..

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    Why don't they treat it as sex education!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    Males, we all had been through these phases of our life. Looking back, the real culprit must be the 'hot burning stuff' in males, especially those in sec 2, 3 or 4. There is no place for 'punishment' today. What is needed is some counselling. Police need not be involved, but unfortunately, they are. But the police will come to their senses, the boys will probably get away with a warning. No more. There is no need for 'criminal records' for them. They are minors. Do not blame the parents. It has nothing to do with the parents. Boys are boys. It is part of growing up. But they must not be allowed to go scot-free. A proper counselling about what is right or wrong will do.
    Statement like this is very popular but misleading among the now-generation.
    The thing about the 'hot burning stuff' in males (for those below 16 yr old) is true since ancient time. When countries become civilised, ppl realised that there must some form of discipline and control for the so-called kids and as such the law came into place. Of course different countries have their own interpretation of different terms. The western became more liberal and the rest of the world falls behind. And so in the fifties, sixties, you get all the drugs, hippes, sex-diesases, etc. In the east, kids were still kids, due partly to our culture as well as government control thru laws and orders. Personally there is nothing wrong then, kids were shy and of course looks silly now by the now-gen. We dont have many of the social problems then and probably we were too poor for anything but work.
    The greatest impacts were from the newspapers, television and of course the internet. So kids now feel that they have "grown-up" faster than their fore-fathers. They believe ("wrongly") that because others are doing all those things, they shuld be allow to imitate. They want more freedom, more liberal, etc. But believe me at 16 and below they are still kids! Not only teachers, friends, but the parents are and should be responsible for their behaviour and thinking. It has EVERYTHING to do with ones parents. Of course I do not accept "criminal-record" punishment but there is still a place for punishment thru physical and mental counselling. These kids shld be allowed to be caned in class or the principal office and as such the police will not need to be brought into the picture.

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    Actually take a look at the look at the local press or movies. Nudity is a Taboo but blood and gore either in the movies or just plan news articles are pretty much accepted. Well so what can we deduced from that?

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