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Thread: Help - Photos of surgery

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    Default Help - Photos of surgery

    I have been asked to help photograph a surgical procedure for a research project. Any special precautions i need to know? Tips and techniques would be helpful.

    I'll be using a D100, 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6, 55mm f/2.8 micro, sunpak pz5000af. Anything else i might need?

    Quite urgent, i'm only given one day notice.

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    Personally feel that using flash will be a distraction to the surgical procedure, although I am no expert in photography.

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    perhaps an extension tube for the macro lens?

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    The lights used in the operation theatre should be bright enough to shoot at ISO200, maybe ISO400 at the most, flash may not be necessary.

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    Default There is no problem....

    Hi there is no problem using flash at all. I have done that while doing an annual report for a hospital. So go ahead. Please ask the Surgeons, GP or the nurse first before proceeding.

    You may one to include a another zoom lens of you have. A 70-200 maybe needed as you do not want to go to close for certain type of surgery

    Last, I can tell you it is very GROSS if you see some certain surgery being perform. While I was shooting for a one of the surgery, my assistant vomited! Aiya very pai seh. So be prepared! And I mean REALLY prepared for blood gore!

    Your flash is sufficient but I would highly recommend a stronger flash unit, maybe a hammer head flash. You should have another flash unit from another position as your secondary light to filling in. If you are in a theater, you may not be able to use bounch flash.

    I would suggest you bring an assistant along to help out.

    Unless this is a minor surgery, then your flash unit should be sufficient but please bring a small white board so you can bounch your flash. Curious, what type of surgical procedure?

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    Lightbulb surgical gown and....

    Remember that you are required to wear surgical gown, mask, hair cap, etc to maintain sterile condition in the theatre. Minimal equipment may be requested of you, again for the same reason.

    It helps if you know what is the purpose of the photography ? Then, you can plan accordingly.


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