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Thread: Photo Lab vs Colour Printers

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    Default Photo Lab vs Colour Printers

    Am thinking of developing my photos but wondering interms of quality and costing, if it would be better buying a Colour Printer ( Canon/Epson ) and print it myself or sent it to a Photo Lab and get it develop.

    Inputs anyone ????

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    I'd go with developing online. Now printing digital photos at photolabs are quite cheap and hassle free with top-notch quality and good paper. Photo printing at home is still too expensive I feel considering the cost of the photo ink cartridges and photo paper.

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    I agree with the previous poster to an extent. Why not have the best of both worlds, though? Get yourself a middle-line photo printer, and print the photo's you gotta have right now, and order the rest? With an app like iPhoto (not sure of a Windows example), you can order prints from within the app itself, making uploading prints easier.

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    I rarely print at home with the colour printer for pics. quality is good with the labs, no need to consider at all!

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    Any good Photo Lab to recommend for Digital print out ?

    ( interms of print quality )

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    It makes sense to print at shops than home. It is cheaper and better in quality.

    I find most nighbourhood photo labs do a good job. Many of them have digital printer already and just as cheap. I dun find a need to travel to town just to print. too much of a hassle.

    anyway there are plenty of threads around recommending printers.

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    I think all these goes to how much you print. If you are going to print a lot, use the lab, i can't say what's the price of printing at the lab now thou.

    For me, I print less than 5% of my shots, and sometimes, I need the prints for my work or need to produce reports and stuff with images/photos, my printer comes in handy. i.e. The printer isn't just for photos.

    So i guess it depends on your needs, and do keep in mind that if you purchase a printer, some has problems of inkhead clotting up if left unuse for sometime (some more than others), thus it could be a hassel.

    So, it's up to your personal need. Think about it?


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