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Thread: Why Singaporean drivers don't signal?

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    Default Re: Why Singaporean drivers don't signal?

    Quote Originally Posted by yun10 View Post
    somehow, the older generation has the mentality that signalling means you are ametuer.
    I think they should think in a way where signalling is for our own safety rather than asking others to give way.

    But then, in Singapore, when you signal, alot will step on the accelerator instead of giving way, maybe thats another reason why signalling may means its harder to change lane too.
    Quote Originally Posted by kiwitan View Post
    One should away practiced to single after u have changes lane because to do so before means the mustard driver behind u will not let u in.
    For me, I'll still signal.... Ever a few times that I signal and the car behind was quite a distance away, so I shift in slowly. Suddenly the car accel and flash @ me from behind even when my car was mostly in the lane. It's very obvious that the fellow is accel based on the size of the car increase per sec on the side mirror.

    I don't bother on this kind of ppl, band my car if u can. The most I claim insurance. No point getting so fed up with this kind of ppl. As long as u r in the driving rules, don't bother about this kind of driver.

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    Default Re: Why Singaporean drivers don't signal?

    because "they" are better than F1 drivers and F1 driver dont signal so why should they
    because "their cars" are faster than any other cars on the road
    because in event of accident, it is easy to claim from the other driver when the other driver hit them on the side or back
    because wreckless driving is difficult to prove especially when it is one's word against another

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