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Thread: CF card & card reader suggestions

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    Default CF card & card reader suggestions

    need to get these 2 items. any model/brand to recommend? currently looking twinmos offer.

    Any opinons on twinmos CF cards? rather cheap at $60 for a 128mb

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    I'm using the Twinmos 8 in 1 reader.
    not bad.. so far no problem.

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    Am using a TwinMos 7 in 1 card reader

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    how is the form factor of the 8 in 1 like? the pic on their website seems a lil' small. Anybody taken a pic of dat?

    I kind of prefer this kind of form factor:

    Nobody used Twinmos CF cards b4????
    btw got a question. does the speed of transfer between cam & CF depend on read/write speed of the CF or does it depend on the cam or both?

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    The 8 in 1 reader is something like that one u prefer


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