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Thread: Reinterpreting Naxi; Architectural & Photo Exhibition

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    Default Reinterpreting Naxi; Architectural & Photo Exhibition

    Helping my friend advertise the following exhibition in which he did all the photography:-

    Reinterpreting Naxi; Architectural & Photo Exhibition on Yuhu Elementary School Expansion Project

    The Architectural Faculty of NUS is holding an exhibition called "Reinterpreting Naxi". It's focussed around a primary school designed and built by NUS under the direction of Dr Li Xiaodong. The exhibition comprises 70 photographic prints; a third are architectural images of the school, while the rest are images of the town, its people and way of life.

    Therefore, I would strongly encourage anyone who's interested in seeing what Lijiang, Yunnan is like, or appreciates photography to come visit the exhibition.

    The details are as follows:

    Venue: Exhibition Hall, School of Design & Environment
    SDE 1, New Wing, Level 1
    National University of Singapore
    Time: 18 - 25 February 2004
    Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm
    Sat & Sun 11am - 5pm

    Picture of the poster here

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    Anyone planning to visit the exhibition?

    If so, I can arrange to be there to answer any questions or inquiries.


    Melvin H J Tan

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    The exhibition was officially opened last evening, so all are welcome to view the exhibits from now till 25 Feb.

    Fyi, There's a report of the project and some pictures in Lianhe Zaobao today.


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