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Thread: Makeover Course No.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by pit
    I think he meant - flooding the place with our perspiration.
    Haha Time for Stanley to install another air-con unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imagine
    Haha Time for Stanley to install another air-con unit?
    Hey guys, I think it's more than just sweat out there. I think it was plenty of saliva too. Keep drooling at my model is part of the perspiration.

    I am happy to hear you all guys are glad to learn plenty of new ideas and poses from my course. It's not about conducting/organizing a class and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT only. At least you know how to setup, pose and also know how each and every lighting works best for you all.

    I noticed nolongerloner is going for brett's studio full day. It's good to go to other studios to learn some other skills too. Photographers should never stay in one studio for too long and keep repeating the same thing. It's freaking boring!

    So I am uppppzzzzz for brett's studio.

    kvp11, you already flood my stanley's studio by just standing!

    imagine, I will keep you posted in my next course session. Please do try other studios and let us know whether you did learn anything from them. It's good to share what they taught you.

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    Thanks for the advice Pro Image.. Learning the best tricks, style and techniques from other Studio will make the learning process even more interesting. Beside making our work even better.

    pssst.. Pro.. I will "FLOOD" stanley studio when ever got some free time..

    and Thanks again too all the people in the Makeover Course nice too know U all..Peace

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