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Thread: Nokia 8310 went kaput!

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    Default Nokia 8310 went kaput!

    My nokia 8310 went kaput just like that in the middle of conversation!!!

    I found out later another 2 of my colleagues who had the 8310 phones also had the same problem as me. That makes me think that it is quite fishy why the 8310 would just went kaput around the same time.

    All our phones went off in the middle of conversation and could never turn on again.

    I sent my set to Nokia service center to check out, I was told that the service would cost me S$150 or more to replace the board. It has nothing to do with the battery.

    Just wonder if there is some sort of virus or programmed logic in the set!!!

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    My 8850 gave me so many problems (battery bloat, LCD failure, etc) I dumped it and switched to Siemens. Methinks QC in Nokia has really dropped from what it was 5 yrs ago. My old 3210 was a brick... nothing would go wrong.


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