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Thread: Digital = risk of losing important images?

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    Default Digital = risk of losing important images?

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    The article not very fair leh. Some people throw away negatives too. Probably the same type of folks who delete their digitals.

    i don't know about you folks, but 10,000 pictures in digital takes up the same physical space as 100 pictures (ie harddisk), but proper storage of film is an expensive nightmare. i have about 200 rolls of film (~7000 pics?) hogging almost one dry-cab all by themselves. One the other hand, more than 30000 pics in my (relatively) small little harddisks...

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    Make that 2 little hard disks (duplicates of each other).

    But then, I know an architect who lost all his camera equipment and lifetime collection of slides in a fire. Gave up photography after that.

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    Pretty pointless article really.

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    Debates are afterall... just debates. The beauty of this world is that there are always different points of view to things. Nothing is perfect. How do we perceive? Are Singaporeans a cold lot? Is mercy killing morally right? No absolute rights or wrongs. When colour photography was born, some thought b/w would soon die but...

    Maybe one day, 'A' level GP essay would go like: "Can digital photography ever replace films? Discuss."


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