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  • Okay to carry out standard darkroom procedures (colour balance, contrast)

    41 95.35%
  • Not okay

    0 0%
  • Okay to carry out creative darkroom procedures (dodge and burn, diffusion, montaging)

    35 81.40%
  • Not okay

    4 9.30%
  • Okay to carry out standard non-darkroom procedures (hand colouring, airbrushing/retouching)

    30 69.77%
  • Not okay

    9 20.93%
  • Okay to carry out effects achievable through filtration in front of lens (soft focus, warming, star, graduated)

    36 83.72%
  • Not okay

    4 9.30%
  • Okay to carry out effects altering reality (introducing false colours, impossible juxtapositions, cloning not falling under retouching, montaging)

    20 46.51%
  • Not okay

    17 39.53%
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Thread: Another PS Poll, the Specifics

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    Default Another PS Poll, the Specifics

    Okay, the other poll was very general, I'm posting a more specific poll just because I'm curious to find out, really. Would you accept using Photoshop to carry out the manipulations mentioned?

    Each person who takes part should select five options, either tick the okay box, or the not okay box immediately following it.
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    i am ok with all.
    come on! its the digital age.....

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    as long as PS dont result in anything illegal...yeah. all clear

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    It must be clear what the photo is to be used for.

    If things where cloned out or added or whatever is done to alter the original message of the picture--and it is to be used in a's a definite no-no. It's an ethics question.

    Then again, if a person's portrait shot is to be used for glamour purposes, e.g. DnD, then touching up to remove the person's flaws may be necessary.

    So, it depends again very much on the situation.

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    I'm not much of a purist I suppose. I am of the opinion that whatever is done to a photo is fine with me, providing it adds to the appeal of the image. It's very easy to get carried away!


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