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Thread: To bring my DSLR to Japan or not?

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    Default Re: To bring my DSLR to Japan or not?

    bring the DSLR along and you'll not regret it @ all.. I went to Osaka 3 weeks ago for work and I brought mine along.. no regrets.. the only regret was that I didn't have time to shoot.. too much work.. damn..

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    I just came back from Osaka/Kyoto a couple of days back. Brought all my gear there. Backpack all the way. The photos that are taken there are worth the trouble lugging the gear. Besides the weather now is so cooling you won't even break a sweat! =)
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    The last post was dec 2009.

    on the subject of this all depends whether your pns can do what you want your dslr to do.

    The technology of today compacts is quite astounding.
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    Default Re: To bring my DSLR to Japan or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by tsuperman-ed View Post
    I decided to bring my Canon 1000D to Japan after reading everyone's thoughts. Sadly, I do not have a toploading bag, wanted to borrow one from my friend but it's too late already.

    ..................Thanks once again all, closing the thread soon.
    Infraction served for not closing thread after 11 months...... and for the absurdity of such a question ..... gee I wonder how the Japanese deal with their cameras getting stolen all the time your camera will get stolen even OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE if dont exercise common sense .....duhhh

    Thread closed
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