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    Default SD to CF converter

    I'm considering to getting myself a SD to CF converter - any experience in this field and any suggestions or thoughts?

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    google this with a WTS

    or go to ebay

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    That works and helps - thanks

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    Default Re: SD to CF converter

    just note that sometimes the writing speed via an adapter might be slower than u think . if u need faster write speeds, a fast CF card is still recommended.


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    get the 32 GB SHDC / SDHC SD card from the online stores.

    the prices online are SG$90 for a new 32GB

    or be frightened by fear on non-online delivery and visit our local ah-beng camera stores for inflated prices.

    if you are going the online route, pick only vendors who allow paypal, as paypal is secure and protect consumer rights.

    if you are going the ebay route, pick a vendor with >90% positive feedback, >1000 deals and paypal payment processing.

    by the way, i asked about this SD to CF card at the major camera speciality stores, won't name them, as it's the usual few...

    and the answer i get from those clowns is that it does not exist.

    thus, my conclusion that the salespeople here are usually not very keen / well versed in their product range nor development.

    one store i asked for the 35mm DX 1.8G nikon mount lens, even told me they got no stock, when ... the stock is actually at their cabinet.

    hint : the shop's name
    starts with A...
    ends with N
    the above shop. (2 branches, one at ah-beng center, Sim Lim )

    kinda off thread, but can camera shops upgrade and not hire non-skilled people to sell camera?

    at least be like "the camera workshop", "cathay photo", where the salespeople have minimal knowledge of what they sell, cause they are users too.

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    off topic again but in response to the above post ^^ i totally agree about the store u hinted at.. i had a very similar experience there too - sarcastic and unfriendly salesperson who seemed too lazy to help out.. cathay photo was awesome, imo.. that'll be my first stop to purchase future equipment, even if price is slightly higher
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