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    Using DSLR,
    Any help for single hair like dust particle found in the picture, no problem with lens and mirror. any camera shop to visit for maintainance, cost and how long it take to be done?
    unable to pump the particle away.


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    If it appears constantly in the same spot with different lenses, then it should be dust on the sensor.

    You can use blower to try to clear it and if it didn't work, you can send the camera to the service centre to clean it for you. Canon charges $20+GST. Not sure about others.
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    If you want to use blower on your sensor, you make the camera face down, remove the body cap, mirror-lockup, blow while constantly shaking the camera downwards.

    It's kind of difficult to explain in words. I'm sure you get the idea... I find that the blower itself is not of much help.

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    Thanks guys,

    i will try using the blower again, else have to go nikon, any idea they charge how much and take how long?

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    Thanks Guys!!

    Manage to get rid of the dust at the sensor. Thanks to Aspenx advice.


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