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Thread: baby behind the waterfall

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    Default baby behind the waterfall

    baby behind waterfall

    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/60 sec
    Aperture: 8.0
    Focal Length: 30.5mm
    Flash Used: Yes
    Model : Canon G11

    In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
    As i m new to photography, this is my first attempt to capture such potrait.

    2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
    Hope to achieve a similar kind of abstract painting effect

    3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    emotions :-

    4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image.
    he was actually peeping through the waterfall at me when i was trying to play around with the shutter speed on running waterfall and he caught my attention that i just snapped away. No software touchup has been applied to this picture and it comes original.

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    Default Re: baby behind the waterfall

    Can re-post a bigger image? It's hard to see with a small thumbnail

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    Default Re: baby behind the waterfall

    Hi knoxknocks

    thanks for ur advice, i am using picasa and this is the largest i can get

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    Default Re: baby behind the waterfall

    this picture definitely uses an interesting effect, and does look like an impressionistic/romantic portrait. however, though it was a snapshot, there are some things which can be improved, such as the composition.

    first, there is a random green leaf at the right hand side of the frame, which you could crop out, cos it distracts the eye and doesn't add to the photo.

    second, it might look better if you either framed the entire baby (with legs), or moved down to the baby's eye level to take the shot.

    on another note, if you could get a cheap external flash, you could have slaved it and put it behind the baby for a backlighting effect to define him/her more clearly while still maintaining the impressionistic look.

    just mho, hope it helps

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    Default Re: baby behind the waterfall

    I would say it is not composition or flash etc. I wish you had waterfall in one layer of Photoshop/Picasa and girld in another one. Then you could use waterfall as a mask and lower opacity and even erase some areas as water from face of the object. As taken through the waterfall we just have to accept the result and then it is in beholders eye if he/she likes it or not.

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    not particularly interesting after one gets past the waterfall effect. lighting is kind of flat. we're looking at an expressionless kid and we have no idea that he's peeping at u.

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    such images are better taken as a series, rather than a standalone picture, because this concept will not hold alone as a single image.

    that said, even then, cropping would do wonders here, to get rid of the minor distractions in the picture - i'm sure you can see them.


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