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Thread: [Film users] What do you do with the empty plastic canisters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wacko
    you do realise that is not going to make any difference as long as your camera bag is not airtight.
    Yup I know that, but at least there will be some moisture being absorp

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    whatever you do with it, do not put edible stuff inside.

    I used to put seasonings in it when I go trekking when I was younger. Or put shampoo inside and so on.

    I then read a report later that as there are zinc oxide residuals in the canisters, using these canisters as convenient containers are not really a benefit to your health.

    Any with more up to date info can correct me on this..

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    I grow alfafa with my canisters.

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    I always give them back to the lab, I've got no need for more than a few of them. They would make nice conatiners for some small geocaches though

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